When looking for fast cash online, Pheabs is a legit, trusted and regulated broker who can connect you to the lender who is most likely to accept your requirements, even if you have bad credit. We offer a number of fast options including payday loans, emergency loans and title car loans — helping you get the quick funds that you need. 

To help move your application along as fast as possible, you should try to:

  • Give fully accurate information, including your address, income and bank details. Anything that is slightly off, could be questioned by the team and require you to provide proof or documentation
  • Make sure the application is for yourself, not for someone else. The team may pick this up and therefore ask to speak to the original borrower
  • Apply during work hours of Monday to Friday 9AM to 5PM — whilst we fund on weekends, any manual checks will happen during the work day and this will speed up the process for you
  • Borrow a realistic amount — just because you want to borrow $1,000 or $5,000, this may need to be adjusted with your income and ability to make repayments. Always consider how much you realistically need and can afford.
  • Be available — be sure to stay by the phone or your email address for any follow up calls or responses from the lender and this will help move things along quicker.
Minimum Loan Amount$100
Representative APR292% APR
Speed of Transaction1 to 24 hours
Bad Credit ConsideredYes
Credit ChecksYes
Cooling Period48 hours

Other than getting a fast cash loan, there are some other excellent options which include speaking to family and friends or selling old items that you no longer need. This may be better if you have bad credit and plus, this will often be interest-free and a simple way to get money if you need it. But if you are looking for something online and are in a hurry, Pheabs is happy to be your lending partner when you need us.

Step 1 – Choose Your Loan Amount

Enter your details online for a free quote

Step 2 – Apply Online

Get matched with the best lender for you and undergo further checks

Step 3 – Receive Funds

Success! You have been approved and can get cash immediately

Pheabs offers a fully online process to apply for fast cash today — simply enter your details using our form including your name, DOB, address, employment details, how much you wish to borrow and how long for.

You will receive an instant approval on the screen with the best US lender for you. Subject to further checks, your loan can be fully approved and funded right away!

There are no fees for applying, no impact to your credit score and if successful, you can receive money to your bank account in 24 hours or the next business day.

  • To pay for medical bills.
  • To pay for rent, utility or other common bills.
  • To pay for a car repair.

These are situations that sometimes can’t be planned for. An emergency cash loan can help to provide a temporary means of finance through such circumstances. It’s important to note that you should never take out this type of loan without having a solid repayment plan.

Can I Use a Payday Loan as an Emergency Cash Loan?

Yes, payday loans can be a good option to consider when exploring emergency cash options. Payday loans can be great for those who just need access to temporary finance until the end of the month/their next pay day.

Those who are confident they can pay back this loan with their next pay check could consider payday loans as a feasible option.

If you are looking for fast cash now, Pheabs can help you with our completely online loan application. You can enter your details and loan requirements and we will match you with the best lender across America based on your loan terms, credit score, income, affordability and more. Whether you are based in Florida on the East Coast or California on the West Coast, we can tailor our product to suit your needs.

There are a number of ways to get a fast cash loan, such as going to a payday store, pawnbroker, credit union, bank or you can also sell any old items that you no longer need. 

Speaking to close family and friends is usually the best option since they may be able to offer you a loan which is interest free and with no repayment terms, to help you get back on your feet. You can also speak to a credit union or debt professional, so that you can build up your credit score and improve your financial position. However, if you would like a fast loan which is effective and you are certain that you can pay it back in a few week’s time, Pheabs is delighted to be here to help you right away.

Can I Get Fast Cash with Bad Credit and No Credit Checks?

Yes, there are opportunities to get fast cash with bad credit scores, but the amount you can borrow and the rate charged may be slightly adjusted. There is a myth that you cannot get a loan with a very bad or poor credit score, however, assuming that you have stable income and employment and are committed to repaying your loan on time at the end of the week or the month, there are a number of lenders who are happy to work with you.

Plus, by working with Pheabs, we have a number of bad credit lenders on our panel, so they are prepared to see credit scores of 500, 550 and 600 and will be able to present a number of competitive options.

For this reason, you may be searching for fast cash with no credit checks. Whilst credit checks are a key part of any loan application, we may be able to offer alternatives such as cash advances, credit union products, title loans or secured loans to help you get the funds you need.


Am I Eligible For a Fast Cash Loan From Pheabs?

  1. US or Canadian citizen or resident
  2. Over 18 years of age (born in 2006)
  3. Employed part-time or full-time and earning a minimum of $500 per month
  4. Must have a social security number
  5. A live checking account for your loan to be deposited into
  6. Can make repayments on time
  7. Bad credit is considered

Your repayments will be collected from your bank account on a scheduled pay date that you select — with most customers choosing a date at the end of each month.

If your loan only lasts for one month (see payday loans online), then you will likely pay the entire loan and interest in full on your next payday from work.

If your loan lasts for 3,6,12 months or longer, you will typically pay back in equal monthly instalments (see installment loans).

The lender will automatically collect repayments from your account and send you a reminder by email and SMS on the days leading up to collection, so you are fully aware and there are no surprises.

People often need fast cash when there is a household emergency or they need a little extra money to see them through the month. 

Common household problems include money for car repairs, broken broilers, plumbing disasters and maybe just to clear the bills piling up on the kitchen table.

How Can I Get Fast Cash Online with Pheabs?

Start by clicking on ‘get started’ below and enter your details in our 5-Step Process. 

Our loan enquiry form is completed online, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can submit the loan request at home, on the go or at work, using a desktop, mobile or tablet.

Our streamlined process means that you can get an instant decision on the screen and subject to further checks, you can receive money into your checking account ASAP, in 24 hours or the next business day. Simple.

Is Pheabs a Direct Lender?

No, Pheabs is not a direct lender, we act as an introducer to connect customers to other lenders who are looking to fund loans.

We are able to accommodate customers with different credit histories and backgrounds, with access to a pool of different lenders, each with separate criteria.

We do not charge fees for using our service, instead taking an introductory commission from the lenders we work with, if a loan submission is acceptable.

Is Pheabs Legit?

Yes, Pheabs is legit, we are a licensed broker in America and have helped over 1 million people to date to find affordable and quick finance for them. We are passionate about helping people to find the right product, with no upfront fees and no impact to their credit score.

Will I Be Charged Anything For Applying?

No, it is completely free to submit a loan form with Pheabs and we will not charge anything for enquiring and will not take any money from your account.

What Happens If I Do Not Repay?

If you do not repay or miss a repayment, you may be charged a late fee and it may negatively impact your credit score. It is important that you speak to your lender if you are having trouble repaying or realise that you will not be able to make a payment this month.

Most lenders are obligated to give you some form of help such as a payment plan or to freeze interest.  If you are silent and do not respond, you may incur late fees and additional charges.

Can I Apply If I Am Unemployed?

We offer loans to people who are employed either part-time or full-time, you may be able to apply if you are employed, but earning a regular income through a pension or welfare. However, you should ideally be employed with a regular wage.

How Much Will My Loan Cost Me?

The typical APR for a fast cash loan ranges from 391% to 521%. Based on a $500 loan of 292% APR, it will cost: 2 weeks ($546.25), 1 month ($592.27), 6 weeks $638.05), 2 months ($683.59), 3 months ($773.95), 4 months ($863.39)

What Happens If My Loan Is Declined?

If your application is not successful, nothing will happen! There will be no damage to your credit score and no fees charged on your bank account. In fact, we always have some offer for our customers and if it is not a loan, it might be a recommendation to join a credit union or to work with a debt professional to help you get back on your feet.