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If you’re trying to save cash before the holidays, you’ll need to make some changes to you daily sending habits. You may have picked up some wasteful routines that are wsting your hard-earned cash. In this guide, we’ll give you a few ideas to think about avoiding in order to save cash!



Don’t be tricked by the sales. We all love a reduction, but sometimes we’re guilty of buying things we don’t actually need. Particularly around the holidays, we can quickly get carried away with the great deals offered in online sales. Don’t let yourself break the bank just because it is Black Friday or Cyber Monday!

Splurging on payday

Payday may feel like a great time to spend money, but unnecessary items are still unnecessary even if you can afford them! If you are happy to have a little extra disposable income after payday, put it aside as you never know what may happen later in the month. 20% of people spend more than half their spare monthly wages within just two days after getting paid. You may even decide not to cash your paycheque right away if you have a habit of burning through it too quickly.

Just ‘Browsing’

Everyone has their overspending weaknesses to tackle. But for many, purchasing unnecessary clothes, shoes, or handbags is a significant challenge! If you are someone who often can’t resist when you walk past a storefront with newly released sneakers or a bag, avoid walking past the stores that are the most tempting. One of the biggest mistakes fashion-lovers make is going in just to browse! You may find the brand new collection for a great price, or see a sales rack, or even the dress you wanted is back in stock. Going in just to browse is never a good idea when you’re trying to save money. If there is an item that you want to buy, put money aside and buy it purposefully. This way, you’ve made the conscious decision to spend your money, rather than being drawn in at the store

Wasting food 

It may surprise you to hear that recycling foundations report that almost 75% of the food that households throw away is still edible. If you’re trying to save money, or be less wasteful in general, make a conscious effort to use what you buy. If you manage to plan ahead and eat all of the food you purchase in your weekly shop, you’ll save a heap. A quick tip to remember is you should not eat food after its’ use by’ date, but it is safe to eat food after a ‘best before’ date. Lastly, ditch the take-aways! Eating multiple takeout meals per week will eat up your budget. And if you are ordering in, remember only to get as much as you can eat.

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