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With the current financial circumstances, we could all benefit from a little help. If you’re looking for ways to rake in some cash to make things easier, this guide will help you find a money-making tip that works for you.


Empty the loft

You can turn unwanted items into cash by selling them online. According to eBay, nearly six in 10 people admit to owning over 50 unused items stored away, valued at an estimated $500. If you’re more creative, you may be interested in upcycling old furniture to sell online for a profit!


Set up an Etsy business

Your hobby could become a business! If you can’t continue your job, as usual, you may have extra time to turn your creative hobby into an Etsy business and bring in some fast cash. Whether you design jewelry, paint portraits, or mold ceramics, there may be customers waiting to pay a good sum for your goods. 


Dog walk or babysit

If you are looking to make extra cash, you can ask around your neighborhood to see if anyone’s looking for a dog walker or babysitter. If you’re working from home, becoming a dog walker or a dog sitter can be a great side hustle. There is no exclusive training or certification needed, and taking a long walk every day can be a great break from your desk. As long as you love animals and can provide reliable and safe care, dog walking is an ideal side gig. Babysitting is also a great way to make an extra wage on a flexible schedule. It may be as easy as babysitting for your neighbor while they go to the grocery store.



Drive for Lyft or Uber 

One way to make money on your time is driving with Lyft or Uber. Driving for rideshare companies can be a well-paying side-hustle or even a part-time job. As a driver, Uber and Lyft offer flexible schedules that you set yourself and generous pay. Look into ridesharing apps online if you think you’ll enjoy driving for money in your spare time.




Check your insurance policy

If you’re not using your car during the lockdown, ask your insurer for a refund! Some insurance policies have systems that allow you to pause your plan for a period while your car is not in use. Others offer partial refunds on your bill for the reduced risk while your vehicle is stationary. You can consider pausing on even canceling your policy while your car is off the road. Check up with your insurer to see if they’re offering any refunds – this could be an easy way to get some extra cash during the pandemic.