Payday Loans Lubbock

They often have higher interest rates and less flexibility; however, they can prove very useful if handled responsibly.

Almost half of adults in the UK won’t have the funds saved in order to cover costs over $500 they hadn’t planned for. Should an unexpected expense come up, from a vet bill to an emergency home repair, you may need to borrow money to pay for it.

Representative Example:
On an assumed loan amount of $750 over 12 months. Rate of interest 292% (fixed). Representative 171%APR. Total repayment amount $1351.20 and total interest is $601.20. 12 monthly payment of $112.60.*

* We do not know how many customers take out a loan or the APR, this calculation is based on
the mean APR of the lenders we work with

If you need some additional money before to your next paycheque, Pheabs can help you find a payday loan in Lubbock, Texas. If you’re struggling to cover your rent, pay for a car repair or hospital fees, a payday loan may be the right option for you. Payday loans are designed to help you in cases of cash emergencies that can’t otherwise be solved. If you submit a form through Pheabs, your request will be seen by lenders across Lubbock, Texas. Once accepted, the money could be in your account in as little as one hour!



We’re a broker not a lender, but we’ll still make sure that the loan is affordable. Even if you don’t have a perfect credit history, we’ll try to help.


The Right Fit

We only work with reputable lenders, so we know they are lending responsibly. We’ll search our panel of lenders to find the right loan for you.


Soft search will not impact your credit score

We offer soft search loans that will check of the basis of your credit record but not leave any visible footprint.

Am I Eligible For A Payday Loan In Lubbock, Texas?

Be sure to check if you are eligible before submitting a form for a payday loan in Lubbock. There are four main criteria to meet to be suitable. You must be over 18 and a US resident. You also need to have a steady income, earning $800 minimum per month. Don’t forget, you’ll need a checking account for the money to be paid into. If you meet the criteria, you can request to borrow $100 up to $35,000! 

Can I Submit A Form For A Payday Loan In Lubbock Online?

We offer a fully online experience that delivers instant decisions on your payday loan request. This helps make the sometimes challenging task of finding the right payday loan easy and fast. The online loan form takes just a few minutes to fill out and gives you on-screen results. With Pheabs, you can access direct lending companies in Lubbock and have the best chance of finding the right loan for you. And, there are no fees for submitting a form! Submitting a form for a payday loan will also have no impact on your credit.

Just provide your personal information along with the amount you need and how long you wish to borrow it for and let Pheabs do the rest. Keeping your details on hand when filling out the form will make the process even more efficient. 

How Can I Speed Up The Loan Request Form?

The form should only take a few minutes to fill out. Once you have completed it, don’t go anywhere! You’ll see the results of your request instantly online so stick around to find out if you’ve been accepted for a loan by a lender in Lubbock. We recommend that you remain available via phone or email in case a lender wants to contact you for some follow-up information.

The best time to submitting a form is during working hours as this is when most loans are funded. It would be best to avoid national holidays too!

How Soon Can I Receive Funds With A Payday Loan In Lubbock, Texas?

We understand that whatever your situation is, you need money quickly. Whether your car has broken down, the roof leaked or you need to cover rent, the short online form is all it takes to find the funds you need. Once you’ve been approved by a lender in Lubbock, the money can be in your bank account the same day in one lump sum. This will make sure you’re able to cope with your money struggle and get on track with your finances. You could even receive your loan within just one hour. Pheabs is here to help you find a fast and efficient payday loan anywhere in Lubbock. Submit a form to get a same-day payday loan now!

How Do I Repay A Payday Loan In Lubbock?

Your payday loan can be repaid in as little as two weeks up to five years. You have 2-4 weeks to repay short term loans in one final repayment, giving you time to reach your next payday. Or, with longer-term loans you have up to 5 years to repay the loan, paid in equal monthly instalments. You can repay the money early at any time and save money on interest.

What is the Loan Request Form Process?

Once you click on ‘Get Started’, the form provided by My Financial Broker asks a few simple questions including the loan amount you wish to borrow and how long for. You can request a loan for bad credit, short-term loans from $500 to $5000, to be repaid over up to five years. We will ask for a few personal details, your employment information and your income as well as expenditure details. We understand that you’ll often need quick cash in an emergency, so we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

As a broker and not a lender, we won’t pay the funds directly into your bank, but pass on your details to the lender we connect you with. We’ll search our panel of lenders to find the right fit for you, with the best interest rates. If approved, you could have the funds in your account in as little as an hour. So if you’re looking for a same day loan for people with bad credit, we may be able to help.