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Borrow $700 to $900 Loans
Receive Funds on The Same Day!

Apply for $700 loans or borrow $900 with Pheabs today ! We offer a fully online application form, with instant decision and funding within 1 hour, 24 hours or next business day. Simply click on the 'Get Started' button below!

What is The Best Way to Borrow $700 or $900?

When looking to borrow $700 or borrow $900, the typical option is a payday loan or personal loan and this is often unsecured and paid to you in one lump sum, with options available for those with bad credit scores too. You will typically repay this loan over a few weeks or months and it is used for short term purposes or emergency expenses. 

Being unsecured, you can complete an online application form with Pheabs in less than 5 minutes and receive an instant approval on the screen. Your loan may be subject to further checks, which may involve a quick phone call with the lender or proof of income or employment through a pay stub or bank statement. 

In the event that a payday loan or personal loan is not the best option for you, we may recommend some other effective and affordable solutions, including using secured loans (such as title loans against your car), credit unions, credit cards, apps, stores and more!

If you need to borrow $700 fast, you can always consider speaking to family and friends as a safe and interest-free option.

How To Apply for $700 and $900 Loans Online

With a completely online application process, Pheabs allows you to borrow $700 or $900 with an instant approval. Simply enter your details in less than 5 minutes selecting how much you wish to borrow and adding information about yourself including your name, age, location, employment, monthly income and bank details – so we know where to send the money.

Being a loans connection service, we will match your loan enquiry with more than 30 lenders across the US, including loans in Texas, California and Florida. You will be presented with a loan option which is most competitive, affordable and most likely to be approved based on your income, credit score (good or bad credit) and other factors.

If you choose to accept this loan offer, you will be subject to further checks by the lender and if fully approved, the $900 loan can be transferred to your bank account in one lump sum. Our entire loan process is free to apply and will not impact your credit score in any way.

borrow 700 or 900 loans

Am I Eligible to Borrow $900?

The eligibility criteria for a $800 loan can include the following:

  • Your contact details (email address, phone number etc.)
  • How long you would like to borrow for
  • Employment status
  • Your driver’s license number, social security number or State ID
  • The amount you want to borrow ($700 etc.)

The eligibility criteria for a loan can vary depending on the lender you opt for. With Pheabs, we’ll take the time to understand your circumstances and borrowing needs, and connect you with the lender best suited to your needs and most likely to approve you.

Our lenders can also accept those with varying different types of credit histories. We understand that just because you’ve got a credit history that’s less than excellent, doesn’t mean you aren’t able to afford repayments on a loan.

What Can I Borrow $900 For?

Loans for $900 are typically used for short-term purposes, such as paying for medical bills, household repairs, car repairs, paying your rent or other important purchases towards birthdays, weddings, funerals or travel abroad. 

You have the option to use your $900 loan for a fast turnaround, paying back the loan at the end of the month in one payment, or stretching repayment over multiple installments over 3, 6 or 12 months.

How Much Does a $700 Payday Loan Cost?

Based on a $700 loan over 14 days, this will cost $15 per $100 borrowed, equal to $105 interest and a total of $805 – representative APR 400%.

Can I Borrow $700 or $900 With a Very Bad Credit Score?

Yes, it is possible to borrow $700 or $900 with bad credit histories and poor credit scores. Usually, payday loan companies will consider all types of customers, understanding that a perfect credit score is not always realistic. To be eligible, you will need to have a stable income and job and be committed to repaying your loan on time. 

To offer you a loan for bad credit with guaranteed approval, you may find that the amount you have requested is adjusted slightly or the interest rate charged is a little higher. Or perhaps you may need to add some kind of collateral such as using your car or a co-signer to be approved.

At Pheabs, our goal is to match your application with the best lender who can fund your loan – and we have helped thousands upon thousands of customers to date with bad credit. A number of lenders only work with bad credit customers, so you are in the right place.

Do You Offer $700 or $900 Loans Without Credit Checks?

Most of the loan companies that offer $700 or $900 usually carry out credit checks, since this is a standard way to determine your eligibility for a loan and how well you have cleared out others types of loan and debt in the past. 

However, if you think that you may be declined because of credit checks, do not worry, there are no credit check options available such as borrowing against your car, property or using other forms of collateral to help get the loan you need.

Why Should I Use Pheabs to Borrow $700?

Pheabs is an ideal place to find a loan of $700, with no upfront fees and a high success rate of matching customers with the best loans for them. We have been working hard for years to find the right partners and are proud to have helped a large number of customers during their times of need. We offer a safe, secure and fast way to borrow $700 and most customers are able to receive funds on the same day or within a few hours of applying.


No, Pheabs does not charge any fees for applying or for getting a loan through our website. We only take an introductory fee from the lender once your loan enquiry is complete.

No, we are not a direct lender and act as a broker or introducer to help find the best $900 loan for you. Our service is completely free to use and we only take a small fee from our panel of lenders if your application is successful.

No, your credit score will not be affected when applying. When you apply with Pheabs, we carry out a soft credit search which allows any potential lenders to check your credit score and history, but disappears from your credit record soon after and has no lasting effect.

Pheabs offer payday loans in 37 states including:














Funds can often be available within a few hours and it is not uncommon to receive your loan within an hour of applying. The average loan will be completed in 24 to 48 hours. To speed up your chances of being funded, it helps to apply on a weekday between 9AM and 5PM and be available to respond to any emails or calls from your chosen lender.

Yes, you have the option to repay your loan in multiple installments, often in equal amounts. This can help make your loan repayments more flexible and easier to spread over time. You also have the option to repay your loan early if you would like to at any point and you will usually pay less interest overall by repaying early.