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From Reno to Las Vegas, Pheabs works with lenders across Nevada to find you the money you need when facing a financial emegency. Borrow $100 to $35,000 and if approved, you can receive funds on the next business day.

Could an online payday loan help you keep on top of your money? Pheabs works with direct lending companies across Nevada to help you when you face a financial emergency. Whatever the circumstances, we can help. Searching with Pheabs allows your loan inquiry to reach direct lenders across Nevada who consider your request and get you results in minutes. Our 100% online service means you don’t even need to leave the house. We’re dedicated to helping you get that money into your account even faster. Get started today for same-day funding!



We’re a broker not a lender, but we’ll still make sure that the loan is affordable. Even if you don’t have a perfect credit history, we’ll try to help.


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We only work with reputable lenders, so we know they are lending responsibly. We’ll search our panel of lenders to find the right loan for you.


Soft search will not impact your credit score

We offer soft search loans that will check of the basis of your credit record but not leave any visible footprint.

What Should Nevada Payday Loans Be Used For?

Payday loans are best used for one-off situations such as an unexpected bill or necessary appliance repairs. For more long-term financial difficulties, it’s important to consider alternatives such as borrowing money from family or friends. You can get a payday loan in Nevada for $100 up to $35,000, and you should think carefully about how much you need. Over-borrowing could make it difficult when facing repayments and under-borrowing may not be sufficient in covering your financial problem. Payday loans in Nevada shouldn’t be used to make repayments on other loans or for frivolous spending.

How Do I Request A Payday Loan In Nevada?

You can use Pheabs to find a straightforward payday loan in Nevada. Simply take a few minutes to fill out the online loan request. Pheabs works with direct lenders across Nevada to find you payday loans online. You can request a loan online from any location. Pheabs makes loans quick, convenient and available from the comfort of your own home. We work with many direct lenders in Nevada who offer a range of payday loans and are willing to accept all credit histories. You can request a loan today in just a few minutes.

When looking for a payday loan in Nevada, you should consider how much you are looking to borrow and how long for. To get a payday loan in Nevada you must be a US resident and over 18. You are also required to have a steady job, earning more than $800 per month. Once you’ve made your request, lenders from all over Nevada will the be able to respond. Before sending the loan form, you should consider whether you will be able to make your payday loan repayments on time.

How Do Loan Repayments Work For A Payday Loan In Nevada?

Payments will differ depending on the amount you borrow and how long for. With a short-term loan, you can make your repayment in the full amount 2-4 weeks later. This will give you the time to reach your next payday. You can also opt for a long-term loan of up to 5 years and make repayments in monthly instalments.

Can I Pay My Nevada Payday Loan Off Early?

Whether it is a short-term or long-term loan, you always have to option to repay the funds from your payday loan in Nevada early. If it becomes possible, you can pay back the money borrowed early and even save money on interest. If you become unable to meet your loan payments interest may increase, and this could affect your credit score. 

How Can I Speed Up The Process For A Nevada Payday Loan?

Pheabs makes getting a payday loan in Nevada very quick, but there are still some tips to speed up the process. There are some things you can do to get funds faster and make the process as efficient as possible. You should first check if you are eligible before requesting a payday loan in Nevada. There are four main criteria. You must be over 18 and a US resident. You also need to have a steady income and a checking account for the loan to be paid into. Once you’ve made sure that you’re eligible, have your details ready to go to fill out the online form. Be sure to have your bank details and personal information on hand so you can provide details to ensure that lenders can find you a loan as soon as possible.

You should also think about when you send your enquiry. It may be advised to send it during working hours as this is when most loans are funded. It’s also best to avoid national holidays. Lastly, once your form is sent, don’t go to the gym or the beach – be available to respond. You should make sure to remain available in case you are contacted to provide follow-up information. If accepted, the loan could arrive in your account in as little as one hour.