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Last Updated on April 20th, 2023 at 10:54 am

When you are faced with an emergency financial situation, you are often left with very little or no time to search for a payday loan lender. We understand that you need to get the money as fast as possible, so we created a guide to help you find a payday loan near you.

Our platform allows you to find payday loan lenders near you and compare them based on your specific financial needs. Even if you have a poor credit score, Pheabs can help you locate a lender that is right for you.


Can I Get a Payday Loan in My Location?

If you are looking for the best payday loans near you, Pheabs is here to help you find the right lender. We offer $100 to $35,000 repaid over 12 to 60 months from payday lenders, apps and alternatives. With Pheabs, you can find online payday loans across the country. It doesn’t matter where you live: Texas, Colorado, California, Illinois, Ohio, Florida, Nevada, Maryland, Missouri, Tennessee, Indiana, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Iowa. You can find a complete list of locations near you here.


loan near meMap showing in which states payday loans are legal


How Can I Find the Best Loan Near Me?

Comparing payday loans can often take time – traveling to various local payday loan stores, looking for a parking spot, waiting in line, and filling out paperwork. Alternatively, Pheabs can help you find the best deals all online and 100% free of charge. The quick and straightforward payday loan search lets you compare loans online from the comfort of your own home. Using the information you provide in your online form, we will instantly assess which lenders meet your personal requirements. We will compare direct lenders from across the country so you can be sure that you will only see the best possible deals. This saves you a great deal of time in your payday loan search. Submit a form with Pheabs online today with zero paperwork and access payday loan options from direct lending companies around the US. Once accepted, a lender will be in touch to get the money straight into your account as soon as possible. You could receive funds within just one hour!


Where Can I Find a Bad Credit Loan Near Me?

At Pheabs, our role is to find you the best payday loan for your circumstances. Because we work with a wide range of direct lenders across the United States, we are confident that we can help you no matter what your financial situation is. With Pheabs, you can get a payday loan even if you have poor credit. Unlike traditional bank loans, Pheabs accepts forms with all credit histories allowing everyone to find the money they need to tide them over until payday. This means that you should still enquire with us if you have been rejected for a bank loan because of bad credit.  

Your loan request form is then sent to the lenders we connect you to, and you will receive a decision in minutes. Everyone comes across financial pitfalls occasionally, but a payday loan can give you the lift needed to get back on your feet. Get started today for an instant and seamless payday loan comparison.


Are Payday Loans Legal in All States?

There are some states in which payday loans are not legal. Additionally, some states have stricter lending criteria than others. However, Pheabs will help advise you about the best payday loan for you, whatever your location.


States with Lending Restrictions

There are currently sixteen states which prohibit extremely high cost payday lending. This means that they set specific rate caps or other limits.

  • Georgia – Payday loans are prohibited under racketeering laws
  • Arkansas – Loan rates are capped at 17% APR
  • New York & New Jersey – Loans are capped at 25% and 30% APR respectively
  • New Hampshire, Colorado & Montana – Loans are capped at 36%
  • South Dakota – Payday loans, car title and installment loans capped at 36%
  • Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, West Virginia, Maryland & Pennsylvania – payday loans have never been authorised
  • North Carolina, Arizona, District of Colombia – repealed payday loans laws and now illegal


Lower-Cost Payday Lending

There are three states in the United States that authorise payday loans at lower than typical rates. These are the following:

  • Maine – 30% interest cap but 261 APR per two-week $250 loan
  • Oregon – one-month minimum term payday loan and 36% interest
  • New Mexico – APR cap of 175% plus a minimum loan time of 120 days


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