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Last updated on April 1st, 2021 at 03:50 pm

Those who submit a loan enquiry for a payday loan are usually in urgent financial circumstances. We understand that in these situations when you don’t have savings to rely on, time can be of the essence.

However, you can’t be too quick to take up a loan and should make sure you are choosing a safe option. Here, Pheabs explores commonly asked questions around how to find a safe payday loan, including:

  • How do you identify a safe payday loan?
  • Can you get safe online payday loans?
  • Things to look for in safe online payday loans

Pheabs strives to get the money you need in your bank account as quickly as possible and in a safe way. Whether you’re facing hospital bills, emergency home repairs, or need to fix your car, the short online form is the first step to obtaining the same-day funds you need.


How Do You Identify a Safe Payday Loan?




Finding a trusted loan company can prove challenging when you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for. In your area, there are likely many payday loan storefronts to choose from. If not, you may find some local companies online but still, struggle to identify which seem like a safe option. Unfortunately, not all payday loan lenders are reputable.

The first and simplest check you can do to find a safe loan is to make sure that the business is properly licensed. Payday lenders are held to strict laws on how to run their business. Without a proper license, you may be at risk of fraud from scam businesses. Licensed lenders must follow stringent state and federal laws, so you know you are better protected from fraud.

To find out if a business is licensed, check their website. If they mention their license, you can verify this information by contacting your state’s attorney general. Note that an online lender licensed in one state may not have the authorisation to lend money to people living in a different state.


Can You Get Safe Payday Loans Online?




Yes, you can get safe online payday loans, however, as with any type of loan, it’s important to understand the borrowing terms thoroughly, as well as how your personal details are handled.

While applying for a payday loan online may seem super convenient, it’s important not to let the benefits blind you as to whether it’s safe or not.

If you’re interested in applying for a payday loan, it’s therefore vital that you check potential lender’s data and privacy policy. Bellow, we’ve listed some of the key things to look out for when wanting to get a safe online payday loan…


Safe Online Payday Loans, Things to Look For:


  • Check that the business is licensed properly.
  • Check how reputable the business is via customer reviews.
  • Look for “https” in URL – enhancing data safety.
  • Check there’s a lock icon in the address bar – ensures that data will be encrypted.


How Does Pheabs Help You Make Sure an Online Loan Is Safe?




We have a network of scrupulous lenders and brokers. We’ll pass on your loan request to find the best option for you. If approved, you’ll be redirected to a direct lender who will meet your borrowing needs. We understand the worry that comes with the high-cost loans available on the streets and the risk of illegal borrowing. That’s why we are proud to offer a safe, secure and free service to help borrowers find the right product.

At Pheabs, we will never charge our customers a broker fee, admin fee or form fee. There are never extra changes. Instead, we make our income charging lending partners a commission if your enquiry is successful. All of our partners have been carefully reviewed and picked to guarantee that they uphold OLA Best Practices and will provide a quick, effective and safe loan product.

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