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How To Check a Website is Safe To Use

By May 9, 2022May 18th, 2022No Comments

With cyber attacks increasing 300% year-on-year and online scams always menacing, there are a number of things you can do to check that a website is safe to use. Pheabs has put together a useful checklist below:


  • Does the website have a secure server SSL or https://
  • Is the site regulated? Do they have regulatory numbers on their footer or terms and conditions?
  • Are there typos or misspellings?
  • Does the website have real social media channels?
  • Does the site have real reviews from real customers – a mixture of good and bad shows the true legitimacy of a company
  • Is there a phone number where someone can be reached?
  • Do they have real employees on Linkedin?
  • When typing the company name into Google, do any bad stories come up?
  • Do they promise 100% guaranteed results?
  • What information are they asking for upfront?
  • Are they associated with any trades or governing bodies?
  • Do they ask for money or payment upfront for a simple application (not a product)?