Step 1 – Apply Online

Choose how much you want to borrow and how long for using our online form. This should take less than 3 minutes to complete and requires your full name, address, DOB, income, employment and bank details so we know where to fund the loan.

Step 2 – Instant Decision

Receive an instant offer and approval on the screen from a range of products including personal, title and bad credit loans. Receive our electronic agreement which you can sign online to progress to the final stages.

Step 3 – Receive Funds

Once you have passed the final checks, your 90 day loan can be transferred to your checking account within 1 hour or the same day. Success!


Spread Repayment – With 3 month loans, you have the advantage of being able to spread repayment over several weeks and months, rather than having a payday loan which is often repaid in full on your next payday. For those dealing with household or personal emergencies, the opportunity to have up to 90 days to get back on your feet can be very useful.

More Flexibility – Payday loans which last only 2 to 4 weeks can be a struggle to repay in full on your next payday from work. But with 3 month loans, you can borrow for longer and repay early if you feel ready and in a good position to do so.

Early Repayment – If you find that you only need the loan for 6 weeks or 2 months, you can contact your lender or log into your account and pay off the loan in full. It will be cheaper to repay the loan early since less interest is built up overall. Just double check the terms and conditions for any early exit fees, although this is rarely the case.

Borrow Larger Amounts – Whilst you might be limited on how much you can borrow with a payday loan, this can be a lot more (up to $5,000) with a 3 month installment loan because you have a longer time to repay – and this could be better suited for emergencies or an important personal purchase.

Repay in Equal Installments – Dealing with a 3 month loan is very convenient. The repayments are usually in equal monthly installments on a date that you select making them easy to manage and stay on top of.


More Expensive – By having a loan open for 90 days, the longer a loan is open, the more interest that is accrued overall. Whilst borrowing for a longer term might seem preferred, you should ideally find the exact number of days you need to borrow for to avoid overpaying interest.

Not Advisable To Take Out Other Loans On Top – If your loan term is 3 months, it is not advisable to take out additional loans during this time, which can be tricky if emergencies crop up. Taking out too many loans can increase your amount of debt and make it hard to stay on top of your finances.

Missed Payments Can Impact Credit Score and Cause Late Fees – If you fall behind on your repayments, this can have a detrimental impact to your credit score which will make it harder to access affordable finance and credit in the future. In addition, you may incur late fees, penalties and added interest for late repayment.

Types of 3 Month Loans

Personal Loans: Used for personal purchases and expenses, these unsecured loans can start from just 8% APR if you have good credit or can be 36% APR for those with bad or poor credit. Depending on your income and credit score, the amount you can borrow can be as much as $50,000.

Payday Loans: This is one of our specialities at Pheabs and this type of fast loan is designed to help you through your next payday from work. You can borrow $100 to $2,000 and spread repayment over 90 days. Although payday loans on the same day are available, they can carry much higher interest rates than average products because they assist people with bad credit scores.

Installment Loans: Repay over 3 months in equal installments, so you know exactly how much to budget for each month. This is an unsecured loan, so no collateral is required, and can be extended for 6, 12 or 60 months if you wish.

Title Loans: If you have a car which you own outright or is purchased on finance, you can borrow up to 50% of its value, for 3 months or longer if you wish. However, you are using your car as collateral and this could be taken away if you do not keep up with repayments.

What is The Eligibility For a 3 Month Loan?

  • Must be over 18 years of age
  • Working full-time or part-time with a regular income
  • Have a SSN
  • Permanent resident in the US or Canada
  • Can afford to make monthly repayments
  • Good, fair and bad credit considered
  • No recent bankruptcy

Borrow $1,000 repaid over 3 months, total interest repayable $259.79, total $1,259.79, based on 150% APR (fair to bad credit)

3 month loans

How Do The Repayments Work?

The repayments for 3 month payday loans are typically repaid in equal monthly installments, which is the same amount each month so you can budget accordingly. You can select the day you would like your repayment to take place and many people pick the day that they get paid from work so that there is more likely to be money in their account, or just the day after, giving it time to clear.

The collections are made through a process known as ACH authorization, so that your checking account is tested during the application process to check that it works and therefore the lender you are working with can collect payments automatically each month. This means that you do not have to call up, go to the bank or make a manual payment, it is all automated.

You have the option to repay early at any time, so even if you need the loan for just 30 days or 60 days, you can contact the lender or log into your account and pay it off in full.

Yes, we have a number of options for people looking for 3 month loans with poor credit scores or no credit. 

Payday lenders are willing to take a view on people with bad credit or those that have missed the odd payment on other financial products. As long as you have a stable income and employment and are committed to repaying on time, you can certainly qualify for a loan.

If you have very bad credit, there are other options that involve using your car as collateral (known as a title loan) or getting someone to guarantee payment on your behalf (known as a co-signer loan).

Most lenders in the US will carry out credit checks to ensure the eligibility of a customer and see if you have missed any payments for similar products recently and in the past.There are some no credit check loans available from Pheabs including title, secured loans and co-signer loans, just remember that your collateral could be at risk if you do not keep up with repayments.

How to Apply For a Loan With Pheabs

We offer a completely online process if you are looking for a 3 month payday loan or 90 day installment loan. Start by entering your details on our form and choose how much you wish to borrow and how long for. Complete your information in less than 3 minutes, inserting your name, DOB, address, income, expenses, employment and bank details.

Once completed, you will receive an instant approval on the screen with a competitive loan offer. If you wish to proceed, you will be sent the full terms of your loan agreement which you can sign electronically using a SMS pin and unique email link. Subject to some final checks, once approved, your loan can be fully funded to your bank account in 1 hour, 24 hours or the same day.

Do You Charge Any Fees For Applying?

No, we do not charge any fees to those making loan requests with Pheabs. Our services are completely free. You can find the loan best suited to your borrowing needs from our panel of trusted lenders. As a broker, we may earn commission from lenders if your loan request is successful.

Will Completing Pheabs’s Form Impact My Credit Score?

No, making a loan submission with Pheabs will not have an impact on your credit score. Part of the loan submission process will include a credit check, however this shouldn’t impact your score negatively.

However, your credit score can be damaged if you fail to keep up with repayments on any loan you borrow. Your credit score can also improve if you do keep up with repayments, building up a good history of borrowing.

How Do Repayments Work?

Repayments on loans are collected monthly from your account on a date that has been agreed upon by you and the lender. Reminders are sent on the days leading up to the repayment date to prevent any surprises.

How Long Does It Take Funds To Reach My Account?

Funds can be sent to your account the same day, and sometimes in a matter of hours. However, as a standard you should receive funds the next working day.

Can I Repay My Loan Early?

Yes, you can repay your loan early and there are usually no added fees if you want to do this. If you find that your financial position has improved and you want to clear the account after just a few days or weeks, you can certainly do so and you may save money too, since you will only pay interest on the days that the loan is open and this will cost you less.