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Payday Loans in Milwaukee and Wisconsin WI

Pheabs can help you find the best payday loans in Wisconsin including Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Kenosha, Racine and Appleton. Whether you wish to borrow $300, $500 or $1,000, we offer a completely online application process so you can receive an instant decision and receive funds within 1 hour, 24 hours or the same day. Plus, we offer a number of products for bad credit scores and no credit checks too. Click on ‘Get Started’ below to start your journey!

How To Apply For Payday Loans in Wisconsin With Pheabs


Step 1

Click on ‘Get Started’ and fill in your details in less than 5 minutes


Step 2

We instantly process your loan details and provide you with a decision on the screen and you can choose if you want to proceed. If yes, you can sign the terms electronically and your loan will go through for to some final checks.


Step 3

Congrats! Your loan has been fully approved and the money can be transferred to your bank account right away!

Why Should I Use Pheabs for Payday Loans in Wisconsin WI and Milwaukee?


At Pheabs, we work with a range of payday loans companies in Wisconsin, including the main areas of Milwaukee and Madison, so if you need money for an emergency or to help you through the month, we can offer a fast and effective solution.

With a fully online experience, you can apply online from start to finish for $100, $500 or $1,500, without having to go to a store or need to print off and post off any paperwork. With no fees for applying, there will not be any impact to your credit score either by filling in an application.

We work as a loans matcher, to connect your loan enquiry with the best lender in Milwaukee – who can approve your loan at the best rates, terms and in the fastest way possible.

What is The Eligibility Criteria for Payday Loans in Wisconsin?

To meet the criteria with Pheabs, you must be:

  • Over 18 years of old
  • In employment and earning a minimum of $500 per month (part-time) or $800 (full-time)
  • Full-time US resident
  • Have a social security number (SSN)
  • Have a US bank account to receive payments
  • Able to make monthly repayments

Where Can I Find Payday Loans in Wisconsin Near Me?

  • Appleton
    Eau Claire
    Fond du Lac
    Green Bay
    La Crosse
  • Manitowoc
    Menomonee Falls
    Mount Pleasant
    New Berlin
    Oak Creek
    Sun Prairie
  • Waukesha
    West Allis
    West Bend

What Are The Regulations For Payday Loans in Nevada?

Are Payday Loans Legal in Wisconsin? Yes
Average APR 338%
No. of Rollovers Allowed Two
Maximum Loan Amount 35% of borrower’s monthly gross income ($1500)
Minimum Loan Term Not specified
Maximum Loan Term 90 days
No. of Outstanding Loans Allowed 1 per lender, no limit from multiple lenders
APR capped at 574% APR

How Much Does a $300 Payday Loan in Wisconsin Cost?

Borrow $300 over a 31-day term, will cost $418.87 (fees are $118.87) based on a APR of 290.44%

Borrow $700 over a 31-day term, will cost $977.36 (fees are $227.36) based on a APR of 290.44%


Can I Get a Payday Loan in Wisconsin and Milwaukee With Bad Credit or Poor Credit?

Yes, for payday loans for bad credit in Wisconsin, we work with a number of specialist lenders who focus completely on poor credit histories. Very simply, to be eligible, you must have a stable income through your employment (part-time or full-time) and be able to make your weekly or monthly repayments. 

When it comes to bad credit, there is a difference. You can have bad credit and be getting worse and worse with your credit, or you could be working hard to improve your credit score and are very committed to paying your next repayments on time – and we are here to help those people.

We understand that having a perfect credit score is not always realistic and there are things in life such as family, work and household emergencies that make it hard to keep your credit perfect. However, we work with payday loan companies in Wisconsin who want to help those customers looking for bad credit loans

But if you think that you might be rejected because of your bad credit, think again. Beyond just payday loans, we can offer a number of products that can accommodate those with very bad credit such as secured or title loans (against your property or car), credit unions and more.

What Are Payday Loans in Wisconsin From Pheabs Used For?

Our online payday loans are best used for emergency purposes, so that you can pay off a pressing bill immediately and be able to clear your debts at the end of the month, which is your next payday. This includes any household emergencies such as boiler, plumbing, heating, refrigerators, roofing or other similar repairs. 

Other typical emergencies that our loans are used for include paying off car repairs, helping out family and friends, funerals, medical bills and more.

We do not encourage people to use our loans for luxury spending or expensive purchases such as big gifts and holidays – the rate of our products is higher because they are designed to be paid back quickly and not used for long term spending.

Can Get an Emergency Same Day Payday Loan in Wisconsin?

Yes, if you need money today for an emergency, our online application means that your loan request can be processed instantly and you can receive a decision on the screen. 

If you wish to proceed, there are some further checks which may involve a phone call, sending in some proof of income or it could be handled automatically by your chosen lender. If all your checks are approved, you can receive money in your bank account on the same day of applying.

Do You Offer Payday Loans With No Credit Checks in Milwaukee, Madison and Green Bay?

Yes, we can offer no credit check loans for those customers who feel they may be declined because of their credit scores. This will typically involve using something valuable as collateral such as your car, bike, van or home to be used as security to extract value and receive a lump sum. The rates can be very low, since you are offering the lender valuable security, but note that your goods or item may be at risk of repossession if you do not repay your loan.


How Do Repayments Work With Pheabs?

Wisconsin payday loans from Pheabs are typically carried out in weekly or monthly installments. You can borrow over 1 to 60 months, repaid in equal weekly or monthly repayments so you know exactly how much will be debited from your account each time. The lender will also send you SMS and email reminders on the run up to each repayment.

You also have the option to repay your loan early at any point, so even if you have borrowed money for 12 or 24 months, you may decide that after 3 or 6 months that you no longer need the money. So rather than paying extra interest, you can just call up your lender or log into their online portal and pay off your loan in full – and this will often be cheaper too.

How Can I Receive My Loan Today?

Yes, for small amounts such as $100 or $200, these are often completed on the same day of applying, provided that you meet our criteria and are unsecured (no collateral). For larger amounts such as $2,000 or $3,000 or higher, these may require some additional checks by the lender such as a quick phone call, proof of income or employment.

To boost your chances of getting money today, you should ideally apply between the work hours of 9AM to 5PM and during a weekday. Although we fund loans on the weekends, if your loan requires any manual underwriting, the lenders will be at their desk and can always process things for you straight away, rather than having to wait until the next work day.



In the state of Wisconsin, you can have just one payday loan open at any time. If you need additional funds, you should speak to your lender or consider other low cost alternatives such as borrowing money from family and friends, selling household items that you do not need or speaking to a debt professional.

The maximum APR is 574%, however, the average customer pays around 220% APR – since the APR can vary on numerous factors such as the length of the loan, the customer’s credit rating and affordability.

If your loan application is declined, nothing will happen! You will not be charged any fees and there will be no impact to your credit score. However, at Pheabs, we always try to give you some outcome at the end of your application whether it is offering a more affordable option such as working with a credit union or speaking to a debt advisor.

If you cannot repay your loan, you may be charged daily interest and late fees, which could very quickly make your overall loan more expensive. Failing to pay on time will also leave a negative impact on your credit score so it is essential to speak to your lender as soon as possible who may be able to freeze some interest or help you delay your repayment through what is known as an “arrangement.”

If payday loans are not for you, there are a number of alternatives available. In terms of loans you have things like personal loans (for good credit scores), installment loans (repaid over a longer period), title loans (secured against your car), credit cards and credit unions. If you are looking to avoid loans altogether, you can consider borrowing money from family and friends or selling items you do not use.