For payday loans in Las Vegas, Pheabs offers a fully online application process, instant decision and same day funding if approved.  If you are looking to borrow $500, $1,000 or even $2,000, you can receive funds within 1 hour or the same day, making them perfect for life’s little emergencies such as paying bills, rent, car repairs, household repairs and more.

We act as a connection service and will match your requirements with the best loans companies in Nevada, so you can get the most competitive rates and lender who is most likely to accept you based on your personal circumstances such as your income and credit score.

We have a number of options for people with bad credit, so if you have been turned down elsewhere or for a mainstream product like a personal loan or credit card, we will do our best to recommend one of our partner lenders.

To date, we have helped millions of customers to find the right product across the US, whether it is with payday lenders in Las Vegas, banks, apps, payday stores, credit unions and more. Plus, there are no fees for applying with us and it will not impact your credit score in any way.

Step 1

Choose how much you want to borrow and how long for and click on ‘Get Started’ to enter your details.

Step 2

Get an instant approval on the screen and you can choose if you wish to proceed. If so, you can sign the terms electronically and your loan will be subject to some final checks.

Step 3

We offer soft search loans that will Success! Your loan has been fully approved and money can be transferred to your bank account immediately!

  • Borrow $100 to $5,000
  • Options for bad credit and poor credit
  • 100% online form and process
  • Borrow $100 to $5,000
  • Options for bad credit and poor credit
  • 100% online form and process
Are Payday Loans Legal in Nevada?Yes
Price CapNo limit
No. of Rollovers AllowedNot specified
Maximum Loan Amount25% of borrower’s monthly gross income
Minimum Loan TermNot specified
Maximum Loan Term35 days
No. of Outstanding Loans Allowed1 per lender, no limit from multiple lenders
Finance ChargesNo limit

Borrow $500 over a two-week term, will cost $575.00 (charged at $15 per $100) based on a representative APR of 400%.


What happens if I cannot repay on time?

What to consider before getting a payday loan

Which US states are payday loans legal?

Will a payday lender contact my employer?


Firstly, see if you meet the criteria for a loan with Pheabs including:

  • Over 18 years of old
  • Employed and earning a minimum of $500 per month (part-time) or $800 (full-time)
  • US resident
  • Have a social security number (SSN)
  • Able to afford monthly repayments
  • Have a US bank account to receive payments

  • Amber
  • Battle Mountain
  • Beatty
  • Boulder City
  • Carson City
  • Crystal Bay
  • Dayton
  • Elko
  • Ely
  • Fallon
  • Fernley
  • Gardnerville
  • Hawthorne
  • Henderson
  • Las Vegas
  • Laughlin
  • Lovelock
  • Mesquite
  • Minden
  • Mount Charleston
  • Nellis Air Force Base
  • North Las Vegas
  • Pahrump
  • Primm
  • Reno
  • Spanish Springs
  • Sparks
  • Spring Creek
  • Spring Valley
  • Stateline
  • Sun Valley
  • Tonopah
  • Virginia City
  • West Wendover
  • Winnemucca
  • Yerington

Yes, payday loans for bad credit in Vegas and Nevada are available from Pheabs. By working with a large panel of lenders, we act as a connection service that will match your loan enquiry with the best lender for you.

We understand that not everyone has a good credit score and emergencies crop up from time to time. But the reality is that we work with a number of lenders who specialise in helping customers who are looking for loans with very bad credit. This means that their products cater for fair, bad and poor credit and they can offer unsecured, secured, title car loans or alternative products to help them borrow money.

To be eligible with bad credit, you just need to make sure that you are employed and earning a regular income so you can afford repayments, without falling into financial difficulty.

If you have poor credit and perhaps want to avoid credit checks altogether, this is typically not viable because the first thing that most lenders do is run a credit check. 

However, Pheabs still works with a number of companies that can offer no credit check loans — and you will usually need some form of collateral such as your car or home and be able to use this as leverage to borrow money. There are a number of options available and you can check your eligibility using the apply now below.

Yes, although there are hundreds of payday stores in Las Vegas, at Pheabs, we offer a fully online process so you enter your details 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and receive an instant decision on the screen. Our partner lenders can fund loans round the clock so you can get the loan you need within a few hours or the next business day.

We appreciate that if you have an emergency, you may not have the time to get to a payday store, line up and wait for a decision. By offering a streamlined online process, we use technology and data to get you the fastest decision possible and allow your loan to be processed electronically and online every step of the way.

Yes, we offer same day loans in Las Vegas and Nevada from all of our partner lenders. To be approved within 24 hours, it is usually best to apply during work hours such as 9AM to 5PM.

Whilst our lenders do fund around the clock, they will be able to give you feedback during work hours just in case there are further checks by phone or they need extra documentation such as pay stubs or bank statements. Also, it helps to be ready and available next to your emails and phone, so that you are ready to answer any questions that the lender may have, rather than coming back to it a few hours or days later.

With a typical payday loan, it is repaid after around 2 to 4 weeks, hence it is designed to last you until ‘payday.’ However, for further flexibility, we can offer loans that are repaid over 3, 6, 12, 24 or 48 months, in equal installments so you know exactly how much you are paying each month and can budget accordingly.

For some of our borrowers, they like the idea of being able to stretch their repayments over a longer period of time. However, it is noted that our loans should be used for short term emergencies and not as long term financial solutions, since the longer your loan is open for, the more interest that will accrue and this can become very costly.

What Are Payday Loans Used For In Las Vegas?

Payday loans are used for short term emergencies and shortfalls of cash, such as car repairs, household repairs, medical bills and even paying your rent. They are not designed for holidays, shopping or luxury items, but rather short term loans that should be paid off in a few weeks.

How Many Payday Loans Can You Have Open In Las Vegas And Nevada?

According to regulation, you are only permitted to have one payday loan per lender, but there is no limit on the number you can open from different companies. Hypothetically, you could have 3 loans from 3 different companies, for instance.

What Happens If I Cannot Repay My Loan?

If you cannot repay your loan, you may incur daily interest and late fees, which will make your overall loan more expensive. Failing to pay on time will also leave a negative impact on your credit score.

Are There Any Upfront Fees For Applying?

No, there are no fees for applying before or after, the only fees you pay will be on your loan if you are funded and these terms will be clearly presented to you in writing and confirmed with you by email and SMS throughout your loan term. We do not take fees from customers, only taking commission from the lender if your application is successful.

Is There A Price Cap On Payday Loans In Nevada?

No, Nevada is one of the few states that does not have a price cap on its payday loans, however, most loans will cost a representative of 400% to 600% APR.

Is Pheabs A Direct Lender Or Broker?

Pheabs is a broker and intermediary, connecting borrowers and lenders. We only work with direct lenders, so once approved, your loan will be processed by the same company from start to finish, including the terms of the agreement, funding and collections — and there will be no other parties involved.

Will Applying For A Payday Loan Affect My Credit Score?

No, making an application will not impact your credit score, unless you make too many applications in a short space of time. However, making a one-off application will not damage your score or make it more difficult to access finance in the future.