Not everything in life is predictable. Sometimes you can be thrown off-track by an unexpected emergency, and need cash fast to help manage it.

However, as many of these moments are unexpected, you might not have the funds to pull you through such circumstances. That’s where emergency cash loans can help.

Emergency cash loans can help to keep you financially afloat during challenging situations.

We can explore the best short-term loan options for your situation. After filling in our online submission form, you’ll be connected with one of our reputable partner lenders. If successful after our partner’s further checks, you could receive funds in 24 hours/the next working day.

Loan Amounts$100 to $35,000
Loan Duration30 days to 5 years
APR200% to 400% APR
Bad Credit ConsideredYes
Same Day FundingYes
Secured or UnsecuredUnsecured

Step 1 – Choose Your Loan Amount

Complete our form, including how much you wish to borrow and how long for. Enter all the relevant information about yourself.

Step 2 – Apply Online

Get an instant decision on the screen with the most competitive rate from one of our partners, including personal loans, payday loans, title loans and more.

Step 3 – Receive Funds

Subject to further checks, your loan can be fully approved and funded within 1 hour or the same day!

An emergency loan is one that is funded quickly to pay for an important or urgent expense (see urgent loans for bad credit). The nature of these loans means that you can apply and get funded often within a few hours or the same day of applying and a lot of the checks are automated to help get a quick decision and fast funding.

Such loans usually last around 1 to 3 months or sometimes just 2 weeks, giving you the money upfront to pay for your emergency expense or bill with the option to repay the loan in full on your next payday from work or spread repayment over a few months to give you some breathing space.

This may be in the form of payday loans, overdrafts or credit lines to help you when something unexpected strikes.

  • To pay for medical bills.
  • To pay for rent, utility or other common bills.
  • To pay for a car repair.

These are situations that sometimes can’t be planned for. An emergency cash loan can help to provide a temporary means of finance through such circumstances. It’s important to note that you should never take out this type of loan without having a solid repayment plan.

Can I Use a Payday Loan as an Emergency Cash Loan?

Yes, payday loans can be a good option to consider when exploring emergency cash options. Payday loans can be great for those who just need access to temporary finance until the end of the month/their next pay day.

Those who are confident they can pay back this loan with their next pay check could consider payday loans as a feasible option.

Yes, if you’re in urgent need of a loan but have bad credit, you could still be eligible with certain lenders. As if an unexpected emergency requiring urgent funds wasn’t stressful enough, many with bad credit may feel they won’t be accepted for a loan.

However, this is simply not the case. There are a number of different providers that accept those with bad credit.

Pheabs works with a number of different reputable lenders like this, who will look at factors other than your credit score when assessing a submission, including:

  • Your employment status.
  • Your income.
  • Your age.
  • The amount you have asked to borrow with them.

What Information Do I Need To Apply?

You can find emergency cash loans to fit your needs with Pheabs.

Simply fill in our online request form to receive an instant decision.

We’ll need a few of your details for our online form, including:

  • A valid checking account.
  • Your employment status.
  • The amount you would like to borrow and how long you would like to borrow it for.
  • Contact details (e.g. phone number and email address).
  • Driver’s license number (or state ID).

What Are The Eligibility Requirements?

  1. US or Canadian citizen or resident
  2. Over 18 years of age (born in 2006)
  3. Must be employed part-time or full-time and earning a minimum of $500 per month
  4. Must have a social security number
  5. Have a checking account
  6. Can make repayments on time
  7. Bad credit OK

Pheabs is dedicated to helping borrowers find the right emergency cash loans for them. Through us, you can find loans from $100 to $35,000, quickly and simply.

All of the lenders we’ve partnered with are reviewed and vetted for their trustworthiness, as we want to ensure that they all uphold to the OLA standards.

If you’re urgently in need of temporary finance, why not explore lending options with Pheabs today!

What If My Loan Application is Declined?

If your loan enquiry is declined, you will not be charged any fees and there will be no impact to your credit score, so you can have peace of mind that when you apply that you will not be putting yourself at risk.

Fortunately, at Pheabs, we work with such a wide range of lenders and products that we will always be able to match your loan enquiry with the best product possible. This may include a payday loan, credit union, credit card, debt consolidation product or app. We are passionate about helping you get emergency cash immediately, in the safest and most affordable way possible.

Will Applying Impact My Credit Score?

No, your loan application will not negatively impact your credit score — and whether you proceed with the loan or not will not have any impact on your ability to get future loans, credit cards or mortgages or disadvantage you in anyway. Even if you have bad credit, applying with Pheabs will not cause you any harm. However, it is recommended that you do not make a lot of applications in a short space of time, since this will not be viewed positively by lenders, but rather someone in desperate need of funds.

What Happens If I Cannot Repay My Loan On Time?

If you miss your repayment at the end of the month, you will often be given a window to make repayment such as 24 or 48 hours to repay without any fees or penalties added. But if you still cannot make any contribution towards your payment, either partially or in full, you will be charged a late fee and additional interest on top until the repayment is cleared. Your lender will contact you via email, SMS and phone calls to recover any missed repayments, keeping in line the number of times they can follow up within the regulatory guidelines.