Charlotte Diffey, Editor


Charlotte is the editor of Pheabs, overseeing all the key and crucial content across the website. As a company that is passionate about sharing insights into the payday loans industry and providing consumers with key information, he job is to constantly find new titles and information that our readers might find interesting whilst constantly fact-checking our current and historic information.

Growing up in England, Charlotte developed her skills working for her school and University newspaper, before getting a job with Pheabs founder Daniel and assisting him in various personal finance projects. When Pheabs launched in 2019, she was the first to jump on board, creating a content roadmap which she has developed and continues to grow to this day.

In her spare time, she enjoys cycling, hiking and binging shows on Netflix.

For any questions or queries, please contact Charlotte directly at

Charlotte Diffey, Editor


Charlotte Diffey is the main editor at Pheabs, overseeing all the key content on the website relating to personal finance, money saving tips, debt management and payday loans. You can follow her on Linkedin.


  • Personal Finance
  • Customer Services
  • Consumer Loans
  • Credit Scoring
  • Money Saving
  • Debt Management
  • Payday Loans


  • English Literature, BA Hons
  • English Literature, MA, University of Exeter

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