Katie Fisher, Personal Finance Contributor


Katie joined Pheabs straight out of College after developing a passion for money saving and finances whilst being a student. She always enjoyed finding little terms and conditions and tricks in finance that could help her and her friends and is now delighted to be doing it full time!

Katie draws a lot of her knowledge by searching through blog posts, forums and extracting key information from Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, NCSL anf PEW Charitable Trust

She has gained the most traction with her guides such a what to consider before getting a loan, what are the best loan alternatives and what happens if you cannot repay.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading, travelling and writing a novel!

For any questions or queries, please contact Katie directly at katie@pheabs.com

Katie Fisher, Personal Finance Contributor


Katie Fisher was one of the first people to work at Pheabs and has continued to be a personal finance contributor for over 5 years taking about money saving, debt and payday loans. You can follow her on Linkedin.


  • Personal Finance
  • Customer Services
  • Consumer Loans
  • Credit Scoring
  • Money Saving
  • Debt Management
  • Payday Loans


  • BA, Journalism

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