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Last updated on May 17th, 2023 at 02:35 pm

Content marketing refers to how you use content in your marketing communications and your website to portray a strong and authoritative message, brand and to engage with your customers and audience.

The use of content marketing can help you to secure customers, gain market share and also improve your search positions on engines such as Google and Bing.

In this guide, we explain how you can use content effectively for your business, paying close attention to Pheabs and the consumer finance industry.


Use Guides To Address Customer Problems and Questions

The reality is that people use websites and search engines like Google to answer their problems such as ‘Where can I find this?’ or ‘What are the symptoms of this?” With the average person using Google to find things around 6-7 times per day, we use this solve our every day questions and problems.

Hence, when creating a website and trying to build an authority in your space, your content should reflect this.

Creating a series of useful guides answering key questions can be so helpful to a customer, patient or person who is lost and needs advice. Be sure to add authority by including a photo and name of the author (to make it more legitimate) and give real answers and advice, do not waffle to pad out the article.

Some added touches include adding a video, any supportive links, images and a comments section for people to ask further queries.

See our examples below:

Can I stop payday loans companies from taking automatic payments?

What happens if I cannot repay my loan?

Will I go to court if I do not repay my loan?


Use Landing Pages To Present Your Products and Services

Landing pages are essentially pages on your website where people land from Google, social media or emails or any other type of marketing.

Your landing page and its content is designed to sell. If you are offer a financial product such as a loan or insurance policy, you need to say what the product is and includes and where they can get it. This is not taking about what the product is, but what you offer and why they should choose you.

You can include:

  • Key features
  • Time of completion
  • How to apply and get approved in 3 steps
  • Why you and your company?
  • What are the benefits?
  • Cost or payment examples
  • How to get in touch by email or phone
  • How to start an application

See our landing page examples here:


content marketing pheabs


Use Content To Promote Trust

The use of content can be very powerful in order to create a feeling of trust and this will ultimately help people to proceed with your product whilst they are on your website and you have their attention.

Trust signals such as badges, testimonials, press features or stating how many people have used the product or been successful will add more value than those sites without it. If a customer is brand new and has their doubts, will these suggestions give them the push they need?

An about us page always goes far in showing who are the key stakeholders in the business, their roles, their backgrounds and why they experience is a competitive advantage.

Other uses and examples of content to promote trust include:

  • Trust badges
  • Press mentions and features
  • Endorsements from institutions such as charities, governing bodies and schools
  • Testimonials
  • Age – “Since 1999” or “Over 25 years of experience”
  • Physical address, real phone number (not a cell number) and legitimate company email addresses
  • Live chat box for messages
  • Star ratings
  • Images of staff members (not stock images)
  • Videos with a human talking through the process or giving advice

To see the impact of these, you can use A/B testing to add different ones and see what has the highest conversion rate.

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Daniel Tannenbaum

Daniel Tannenbaum is the founder of Pheabs and has worked in the payday loan and consumer credit space for over 15 years across the USA. You can enjoy his posts sharing his insights, money advice and opinions. You can follow him on Linkedin and Twitter.